Dr.MoJo Guitars

"The Tone , feel and vibe of a Modern Day Classic"

Dr.MoJo Guitars are born of the simple notion of world class musician, Bobby Clark… “I won’t build any instrument that I wouldn’t be willing to take on any stage in the world.” That notion has resonated with many other world class musicians, as well. Dr.MoJo’s guitars are owned and played by the likes of Bernie Chiaravalle (Michael McDonald), Danny Flowers (Tulsa Time), Andy Reiss (Time Jumpers, Mandy Barnett), Roger Eaton (Oak Ridge Boys), Daniel DeMonico (The Avians) and countless other top flight guitarists. Country Music legend and guitar ace, Vince Gill, owns two of Bobby’s builds. and has traveled the world with Dr.MoJo in his arsenal of great guitars!

Dr.MoJo Guitars are custom-built, one at a time, and are available as sparkling new beauties, or, as masterfully aged relics with the look, feel, and vibe of a timeless classic.

The Limited Edition “66 Bowl” series of Dr.Mojo Guitars, made from reclaimed pine bowling lane wood, has garnered worldwide attention, having been featured by Vintage Guitar Magazine, Maverick Magazine UK, The Oklahoman, Fox News, and Oklahoma Today Magazine, among others. This wood was laid down in 1959 and was the heart and soul of the 66 Bowl, which stood along the iconic Route 66, in Oklahoma City, for many years. These guitars have been popular with collectors and musicians alike. Upon seeing the raw, unfinished bodies of these guitars, Vince Gill asked Bobby, “you mean these are made from the 66 Bowl lanes where we used to bowl? Then, I’m definitely in!” Bobby incorporated many of Vince's suggestions into the final product.

Needless to say, Dr.MoJo, AKA Bobby Clark, is carving out his own niche in the boutique guitar world, and his one-off custom builds are sure to be treasured by generations of musicians and collectors that are “in the know.”